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7 Ways To Use a Vision Board

There are many ways to use a vision board. Creating more money, loving relationships and better health are probably the top things that people want to attract. We will go over 7 ideas of using a vision board.

1. Many people love to travel and have dreams about visiting exotic locations. Using a vision board to attract opportunities for travel, can make this dream come true and sometimes in ways that you do not expect. You have to start by choosing the reasons why you want to travel to a country like Thailand. Then start collecting images of temples of gold, beaches that have beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. Surround this with pictures of spicy food, fresh fruits not available in your country and perhaps even different fish. Flowers of every color are in abundance in Thailand, so pictures of orchids would go well in your board. When you decide your dream place to visit, don’t be surprised if someone offers to take you or that you win a trip. Vision boards put our intention out to the universe and in kind, the universe will answer, sometimes in mysterious ways.

2. Money is a big factor. We need it, we desire it and it can open all kinds of doors for us. But we need to make sure that we are asking the universe for money, with good intentions behind it. One very powerful image you can use as the center of your vision board for money, is stacks of gold coins. People are affected by the color of gold and the weight of a gold coin in their hand. Use a variety of images for visualizing money….coins, paper and gems. The colors of all these will help to stir up positive emotions and spark your imagination.

3. Eating disorders have a terrible impact on people. You can use a vision board to see a healthy you. Use images of people who are not extreme in anyway. If a person has an eating disorder, using a picture of a bodybuilder may impact negatively. Instead search for images of happy, healthy people doing fun activities. For text motivation, you would want to write down items like, “I feel wonderful, fully recovered. I give myself permission to eat healthy, tasty food. I no longer compare myself to others.” Full recovery is possible and using the Law of Attraction and vision boards, along with professional advice, will bring about the changes you need.

4. Everyone wants a great partner. A loving relationship is so desirable. You can use a vision board to create that for yourself. Use images of people doing things that you would want to do with a partner. It could be pictures of people having a picnic by the river or in a dance class together, holding each other in a loving way. Your text should be very specific about the relationship. Phrases like, “we love and respect each other. We love to do things for each other. We always talk things out calmly and solve issues right away.” You can attract the person you desire into your life, without going on dating sites or asking friends for recommendations. In your heart, you know exactly what you want, so put it out to the universe.

5. Everyone wants a job that makes them feel fulfilled. Plan out what you want from a job and what you will bring to the table. If you want to become a nurse but currently work in retail, then you need images of nurses going through training and providing special care to people. On your vision board, write down why you want to be a nurse. Did you have someone who was treated specially by a nurse and you felt very appreciative of what they did? Do the feelings of giving comfort to the sick, fill you with joy? Write those down and start seeing yourself going to nursing school, excelling and getting a job that brings much value to the world.

6. Do you love to get away from it all? Would the idea of owing a cottage by a lake with a dock fill you with joy and happiness? For many people the answer is a resounding…”absolutely.” You can attract the cottage of your dreams. Find the images you desire and then write down what the cottage brings to you. It could be the smells of the forest, the animals that you will see and the birds that will sing. Does a swim in a cool lake on a hot day, fill you with excitement? Make that part of your vision board. Be very specific about size, construction and color and you can be certain that log cottage with a purple door will be yours.

7. Overall physical fitness and even winning trophies can be very rewarding. You can build a vision board around any area of physical fitness. Perhaps you want to become very fit and able to protect yourself. You can build a vision board around taekwondo. Find images of people performing taekwondo, breaking boards and winning tournament trophies. Add images of healthy food and drinks because you want to be physically fit in order to perform. Add in your text about feeling fit, powerful and fully alive. See yourself going through the belt stages and doing so well, that you earn that black belt in no time.

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