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The Vision Board Trap and How to Avoid it.

People often look for the easy way to do things. They prefer to receive what they want by just having it handed to them. While that may work if you have a really rich Uncle who thinks you are the best ever-it’s much smarter to plan and execute. When you do a vision board and spent some time visualizing success, it really won’t come without you having an action plan. That is why a lot of people give up after a week or so of building their board and then tell everybody that “those things are a myth, they don’t work.” Think of it as running a marathon and it is one of your biggest dreams. You see yourself at the start, pumping your hands in the air and then start running with the pack. Halfway into the race, instead of following an action plan of breathing properly and proper pacing, you start running full out. You pass everyone and feel marvelous, until you gas out and drop by the road side. This is dreaming without an action plan and failure to commit to that plan.

As you are building your vision board, you should also be planning and writing down your actions and goals. For example let’s look at a weight loss vision board. You know how much you want to lose and you’ve built a board with images of people that you would like to model. You have affirmations on the board to back it up. You know that sitting and looking at your board and then closing your eyes and visualizing weight loss for 15 minutes…won’t work unless you have an action plan to back it up.

You need to plan out how much weight you want to lose and what is a safe time frame to do it, just for starters. You don’t want to attempt to lose 25 pounds in one month. Weight loss may start off rapidly and then dropping the other pounds may take more time. To do it safely, set a goal of 10 pounds per month. So that gives you 2.5 months to reach that goal safely.

Next in your action plan would be what foods to eliminate from your current eating habits. You would set an action plan of researching foods and beverages that cause weight gain. After that, your action plan would include which foods and beverages promote weight loss.

You’re doing great and now you need an action plan of exercise. You need to think about the time you have available to work out in a 7 day period and what resources you have. Ask yourself if you could afford a gym or Yoga studio. If the answer is no, then you need to research safe and effective weight loss exercises at home.

Basically you build out an entire action plan that goes hand in hand with your vision board. You can do this for weight loss, sales goals or even relationships. The action plan keeps you from getting frustrated and when you follow your action plan, you will get daily results. They may not be huge results everyday but results get layered until you have a finished outcome. Your most effective way of succeeding with your vision board is to work/play at it every day, while using your action plan.

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