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Where I have been and where I am going!

My journey started after I had an accident in May of 2017 where this refrigerator on these stairs met my face.  I ended up with most of my bones being crushed in my face.  I had my mouth wired shut for 9 weeks and I found shakes but they were dairy queen shakes, and I told a lot of people how much I love them, but dairy queen did not reward me for telling everyone how good they were.  When my mouth was unwired, I continued to drink those shakes and was addicted to sugar for sure!

Before finding my healthy lifestyle, I was an overweight, disconnected, unhappy, exhausted workaholic grandmother, mother and wife working 110 hours a week between a private practice and the hospital as a neuropsychologist.  I was burnt out and in serious credit card debt because of the expenses of my private practice.  My meal plan consisted of a dozen peanut butter cookies from Holiday gas station, 8 Monster drinks a day at least one DQ shake or blizzard and I would throw in a Lean Cuisine meal.  The I would also always have a bag of chocolates and candy around as well.  I could not stand looking at myself in the mirror.  I did not want to go out in public.  I definitely didn’t want to go clothes shopping and I would never have gone to a gym.  

I saw my friend Beth and her transformation, and I took a chance on me after saying no to her for 6 months but to be honest I thought I would just get 30 days of free food and then get my money back because nothing else has ever really worked before as I have been a yoyo dieter all my life.

After getting my box of health I put the products in my body and WOW.  Within a week I felt so good!

In 8 months with no exercising, I lost 65 pounds.  Then I started working out with Pilates on a reformer and I could keep up with the young people.  I was even more excited when my 10 year old grandson called and asked me to go to Steep World and do wall climbing because he saw me as a person who was in shape enough to do that with him.

Fast forward to now! 38 months later – 85 pounds down which I have maintained for over 2 years even though my body composition keeps improving (38% body fat gone and increase of 10% lean muscle mass).  I use combination of weight management products and performance products.

NOW, I have MORE energy than people half my age, I have seen significant improvement in my skin, mood and physical health, my sleeping is better, I have increased confidence, I feel better in my skin, have improved my relationships and found an amazing community

I LOVE the convenience and ease of my chosen healthy lifestyle.  I only have to think about one main meal and a few snacks along with 2 full meal replacement balanced delicious shakes a day.  I don’t feel deprived or restricted.  I have gone through some of the most stressful times in my life over the past several years and have continued to improve my health.  I have created a new relationship with food.  I view food as fuel and medicine and no longer have cravings and eat emotionally.

I will NEVER stop this lifestyle because of how it makes me feel and perform.  I am actually training for a triathlon, yes at 56 years old I will be competing in a triathlon in September 2021 when I am 57!!!!

Naturally, people noticed my results (mentally & physically) and wanted what I had. This is how I began sharing. I have always been in the field of helping others and I saw this as an opportunity to help people in a whole new way by telling people what I was doing because I believed in it 100%! I realized that referral marketing wasn’t about being annoying, needy and sales-ey, that with the right products and company it is highly professional, consultative and can be an additional source of income.  Which I didn’t really realize I was going to need until I made a really hard decision in July 2019 to close the private practice and work a 40 hour a week job at the clinic and continue sharing the gift of my health and wellness business in the pockets of my time. This was a very hard decision as I had gone into significant debt with the private practice and had to file for bankruptcy. But because of the opportunity that my health and wellness company had to offer I was able to set up a payment plan through the bankruptcy to pay back the majority of my debt over the next 5 years.

My goal is to continue to help as many people have the healthy lifestyle I have found and also help others earn money to pay for their products, pay for a car payment, pay for a house payment or replace their income depending on their goals.  Once I pay off all my debt, then I plan on donating a significant amount of my earnings to a non-profit, I was recently able to help established called Hearts of Purpose and Empowerment.

I believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, joyful and abundant life and I’m on a mission to show as many people as possible how they can do that with the opportunity that we have.

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