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Coping When Your Life Has Been Turned Upside Down

Life is pretty good at throwing curveballs, but the curveballs that come your way vary in destructiveness and severity. Regardless, it is impossible to escape the impact. It could be the sudden death of a loved one.

The crumbling of your marriage or relationship. The financial catastrophe which has ruined your sense of security.

The pandemic is a good example of a curveball that is difficult to plan for on a lot of levels. With the shadow it, and all curveballs, casts it brings insecurity and stress.

Curveballs leave your life feeling flipped-turned upside down. Some of them deprive you of a normal source of reassurance and comfort (like a pandemic or death of a loved one). Others disrupt the daily routine and impact your income (like a pandemic or job loss).

The question now, though, is how do you cope when your life has been turned upside down? Let us provide you with some advice that will help you deal with heartbreak, trauma, stress, and the dark times that come when your life is turned upside down.

Face Your Feelings

We all react differently to stress, but what is true for most of us is that when we are dealing with strong emotions it becomes difficult to maintain rationality. You are likely to behave in a way you would not normally.

Therefore, you must face your feelings in order to resolve some of this and prevent an impaired judgment. When you face your feelings, you grow to accept that now is not the right time to make major decisions. The insight this provides you should help you deal with the raft of emotions you're attempting to ride.

Focus On Your Locus of Control

There's a terrible habit that the world has conditioned into us. It's the idea that when something terrible occurs there is someone there to blame. There can be no catastrophe without blame.

Often, when there is no external blame to lie, we turn the blame inwards and hold ourselves responsible. While it isn't always entirely incorrect, it is never a healthy response to having your world turned upside down.

What is done is done and while you might want to rehash it, it will not serve you well. Your best bet is to focus on your locus of control. You can control your reactions and responses and you are in control of steering your life back in a positive direction. No blame just focus.

Seek Support

Unfortunately, one of the common reactions we have to difficulty in life is to grin and bear it. There's this idea that a stiff upper lip will carry you through and you can do it on your own. That is patently false. Your support network is more important than it has ever been. Do not be afraid to reach out to your friends and family to help carry you through this challenge.

If you are facing financial hardship, don't be afraid to find support in your community for other people in your position. If you're dealing with loss, reach out to a support group of people experiencing the same pain and upset you are.


Finally, don't forget to look after yourself and practice self-care. If someone you love was going through the same situation you find yourself in now, how would you respond? Don't withhold that same compassion and empathy from yourself.

If you need to take time to yourself, then take time for yourself. If you feel better when you are surrounded by the laughter of friends, surround yourself with the laughter of friends. If organizing your life and address the problem head-on lifts your spirits, then do it. Look after yourself.

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