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5 Healthy Coping Strategies For Your Struggles

When we are struggling with a situation and cannot see it clearly, we need to follow some health coping strategies to make an improvement in our mental state. Change is inevitable in life and there will always be times we experience struggles.

Some struggles are personal and some are within relationships or communities. People who are effective at making changes and adapting can change fast and more efficiently. When we cope with change, we can overcome struggles and continue to move forward.

1. Receive Information About the Situation

We begin to cope with change and stress and struggles by taking in accurate information about the situation. Often when something happens we are stuck on our own personal mental interpretation of the situation.

Rather than thinking the situation is fixed, we can recognize that situations can change quickly. We also want to approach the situation with a clear mind because we do not want to create judgements of ourselves or the situation.

2. Move Slowly When Making Changes

If possible, take time to determine whether or not you want to make a change to help improve your situation. If you are struggling with something you cannot change immediately, you can begin by dipping your toes in the water and experimenting with change.

If you want to try a new career path, maybe you can begin by working part time or start an apprenticeship in the field. If you want to move out of the country, or even to a new town, try visiting the new place and spending a few days or weeks there. Talk to locals, go out to eat, and take time to experience the new place. This is a good way to begin making changes slowly.

3. Ask for Help

When we ask for help, we are empowering our strength of community and connecting with friends. When we need help, it can be a strong choice to connect with family and friends and speak our truth to them. When we can share what we are going through, we shed shame and can be open with our experiences. Often others are available to support us if we simply reach out.

4. Have Patience with the Process

When we are undergoing struggles, we often want to get out of the situation as soon as possible. When we are in a tough situation, we want to rush our way out of it and get on to something better. Yet when we can acknowledge the situation and can appreciate aspects of it, we can begin to have patience with the process and the way things are unfolding.

5. Maintain Perspective

We can maintain perspective by appreciating what has happened and acknowledging that some aspects of the situation may be beneficial for us in the long run. Instead of focusing on negative aspects of the situation we can maintain hope for resolve in the future and see what parts of the present situation are positive.

Life involves many struggles and various ups and downs. Some years are better than others, and some days are hard and some are wonderful. We can utilize tools to make each situation a little better and this can allow us to feel more capable and powerful.

When we learn to adapt to new situations and struggles, we can begin to see that we are abundant being who can change our mindsets and find bits of good in any situation.

Even if we are afraid of real challenges and are encountering serious struggles, we can utilize the tools above to begin to shift the experience and cope with challenge.

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