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Tap Into Your Inner Strength: Stop Avoiding And Running From Your Problems

Updated: May 11, 2021

We may hear about the concept of inner strength and have an idea of its meaning, but often we consider it to be a vague thing. When we think of inner strength, we can envision that we have a solid sense of self and that we can easily maintain relationships and a good life. Yet, inner strength has various interpretations. In this blog I talk about ways to Tap into Inner Strength.

When psychologists refer to inner strength, they refer to finding behaviors, skills and outlooks that make us balanced and allow us to adapt to life. There are various ways we can begin to tap into our inner strength and allow ourselves to cultivate internal resources that can be used and depended upon throughout life.

Ways to Tap into Inner Strength

1. Build Your Confidence

One way to begin to solidify your inner strength is by building your confidence. When we are confident in ourselves, our choices, and our actions then we can stop avoidance and can confront our problems.

Confronting doesn’t need to be negative, but in order to make changes we must take action. Building confidence in ourselves allows us time to believe that we are truly making the best decisions and therefore we can be confidence in our choices and do not need to avoid taking action.

2. Take time to Relax

One way to get to know ourselves better is by taking time to relax. When you are able to take time for yourself you can begin to get to know your internal self and your own needs. When you take time to relax your mind and body, you can get new and creative ideas that will help you resolve your issues.

When we don’t take time to relax, we rush through decisions that often need to be fixed later and take up too much of our time. When we have a relaxed mind and body, we can approach issues with a clear head and make good choices the first time.

3. Tap into Motivational Resources

There are many people from present day and the past who are extremely successful and have achieved great things. Sometimes when we are stuck, we cannot see an outside perspective that could resolve our issues. This is a good time to tap into motivational resources, either people you know or famous people or authors of motivational books.

Life or business coaches can be of great help in assisting us in making smart decisions, especially if there is a specialty knowledge needed to make the best decision. Biographies, podcasts, books or online groups can be great motivational resources to help us face our problems.

4. Celebrate your Successes

When you do complete a task that is big or small, congratulate yourself and honor your achievements. Even if they are only small successes in your life right now, these can still boost confidence and understanding that you can achieve your goals.

Many of us forget everything that we do and where we are in life is a result of past choices and small successes. Small successes boost our confidence and remind us that we can make choices that make a difference in our lives.

When we encounter issues and problems in our lives, it can cause anxiety, shame, guilt, and other feelings to emerge. It may be difficult for us to take action when we have to face something hard.

Difficult situations and conversations are easiest dealt with upfront and with honesty. Taking time to build self-confidence, relax, and tap into motivational resources can make a huge difference in your ability to cope with stressful situations and celebrate small successes.

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