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5 Signs You Have Lost Control Over Your Life

Every day is a challenge. You embark on uncharted territory every morning you wake up. You might have a good idea of what's going to unfold, but none of us really know for sure. However, as we navigate the unknown, we often stall.

We get stuck in a lull and we start treading water, hoping for the best. It's much easier to get lost in life than you realize. If you are concerned that you may have lost control over your life, read this blog all the way to the end. Here are five signs to look out for.

Fatigued Do you wake up still tired? Do you feel devoid of excitement, energy, or passion? Then, there is a good chance you have lost control. You wake up and you go through the motions. That's not the way to live life. The people who know where they're going embrace the opportunity to experience a new day. They might have an off day, but it's the exception, not the rule. If fatigue is your rule, then you may have lost the thread.

There's No Enjoyment It doesn't matter how hard you try, nothing is enjoyable for you anymore. Once upon a time, your favorite hobby was playing video games, sitting down with a guitar, writing, etc. Now? You can't bring yourself to get into it. The World Series used to be your favorite time of year, yet you could barely bother to turn on the television to check the score. If entertainment no longer entertains you, then it's time to take control and get your life back on track.

You Have Questions Are you questioning everything? From the reason you make the decisions you do to the reason you take the actions you do? If this is a common occurrence, then it might be an indication that you have lost control over your life and you sense that you're on the wrong path. It's a sign that you're unsatisfied and it's up to you to make the changes necessary to get back onto the correct path. By making changes you can find yourself.

There's a Disconnect

Your friends and family should be a source of joy. They are one of the key ways in which we maintain our connection to the world around us. If you feel desperately alone in life, then you have lost control over your life.

You might have people surrounding you, but somehow you have lost that connection to them and you aren't sure how to get it back. Rather than viewing this disconnect as a sign of the problem, it may also be a result of the problem. So, try reaching out to your closest, most trusted friends, and work on building those connections.

Negative Thought Process If you constantly think pessimistic, negative, or destructive thoughts, then this is an indication that you have lost control of your life. It's also a symptom of escalating depression and those individuals dealing with depression can often lose control of life. If this describes you then you have to get a grip on your thought process.

If you feel as though you are walking through the darkest cave and there is no sign of light then you may have lost control. If you have experienced changes in your appetite then this could also be an indication that you have lost track.

If any of the warning signs I have listed ring true with you, then you have to start asking yourself questions as to how you reached this point, how you can get back on track, seek support from others, and prepare to walk a long path.

If you feel like someone you know needs to read this please feel free to share it out to them. If you need some help on creating a plan to get back on track with your life, connect with me and we can develop a plan.

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